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JRD Lush Villas draws inspiration from Nature as well as draws on natural resources. It embodies small but significant steps that ensure sustainability and longevity of our fragile eco-system, while creating spaces that throb with life.

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JRD Lush Villas is a community of 62 plush villas, thoughtfully designed to blend luxury into living spaces, without being a burden on the environment. The concept is derived from the fact that whatever we need, is available in Nature. Want power? Use the Sun. Need water? Reuse the Rain. Looking for fresh vegetables and fruits? Look out in the garden. Simple? Yes, and perfectly possible. At JRD Lush Villas, all of these and many more such amenities are facilitated, so you can lead a life that is perfectly laid out for you.

JRD Lush Villas lets you aspire to migrate towards a way of life that is more in connect with Nature. With options for 4 BHK and 5 BHK, it allows you the ambience you desire, and the comfort you cherish. Lush Villas seeks to stay true to its nature – lush, green and eco-friendly. It hopes to transform your lifestyle and living spaces so that the larger living space – our Earth –is preserved and protected for posterity.

From the Chairman's Desk

For a builder, every project is a pet project. Each time the blueprint is laid, it seems like the first time. The same energy, the same enthusiasm, the same excitement. It is the same with Lush Villas, perhaps a little more. Because, for me, it is not just another project, but a passionate endeavour. To create a living space that is full of life. For the occupants and for the environment.

Today, we are at a point where our very eco-system is at threat. And the sad part is, we as humans, are responsible for it. But it is payback time; the time to do all that we can to redeem and reclaim Nature. And the time is NOW.

Lush Villas is a humble effort to rebuild our immediate environment. Sustained, sustainable initiatives have to be taken today to address the challenges that are inevitable tomorrow. Whether it is harnessing solar power, harvesting rainwater or having a kitchen garden, every step should be about incorporating resourceefficiency so as to achieve self-sufficiency without burdening the environment. Small steps can make a big difference;take yours now.

Welcome to JRD Lush Villas – your blueprint to go green.

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Dr. J. Rajendran, Ph.D.,
Chairman - JRD Realtorss

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Taking references from the lifecycle of a bird, we will know how beautiful it is to be nourished and nurtured by Nature. There is a lot we can learn from these tiny creatures only if we are open to learning and imbibing these lessons into our lifestyles.


Lush Villas seeks to stay true to its Nature – Lust, Green & Eco-Friendly

Solar Powered

Birds use the Sun as a compass to navigate their journeys. It's about time we humans used the Sun to navigate our daily lives through solar power.

Imagine if you could have your entire home powered by the Sun... Seems like a distant dream? Not anymore! At JRD Lush Villas, we are harnessing the power of the Sun so your home runs entirely on solar power. Leveraging advanced technology, we have created a model of solar energy that you can deploy 24/7 round the year. Now there will be no hassle of power cuts and no expensive inverters to invest in. Simply sit back and bask in the positive energy generated by the Sun; because there really is no power like the power of Nature!

How it works

How it works

When sunlight hits solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, electricity (i.e.) solar power is produced. This electricity is transmitted from the solar panels through an inverter, which turns the power from direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). Thus solar energy is generated through a switchboard to power electronic appliances inside the home. In case the appliances are switched off, excess solar power is produced and the surplus gets returned to the main grid. In the nights when the power is not produced, electricity can be drawn from the grid.

An on-grid solar power system is one of the most cost-effective and simple types of solar power systems. It lets you consume 100% renewable energy, reduces your electricity bills, protects you from price fluctuations and does away with the need for costly batteries.

Rainwater Harvested

The best lesson on the value of rainwater is perhaps taught to us by the Pied Crested Cuckoo. This bird drinks only rainwater, drop by drop, when it rains. No matter how thirsty it is, it does not drink water from any other source and can survive any number of days without water.

At JRD Realtorss, we are the only builders in the region who have a scientific rainwater harvesting system in place to benefit each and every home at Lush Villas. We have invested in state-of-the-art infrastructure that enables the rainwater to be directly routed for use in every household. This prudent system will not only make sure that the natural rainwater is judiciously used but also ensures that each home has ample supply of reserve water.

How it works

How it works

The runoff water is diverted to the silt trap through a channel. While the dirt and debris get deposited in the silt trap, the water flows to the injection well through an underground pipe. It does so after passing through several layers of filtration media. It is then stored in a specially designed storage well. This creates a water column, injecting large volumes of water through the Dual Non Clogging V Wire Screens attached to the percolator pipe. This water percolates deeper and recharges the groundwater source. What you get is water directly from the sump.

Kitchen Garden

The joy of freshly picked produce from your garden is unparalleled; you are not just serving good food to your family, but also the bliss of good health.

Today, we are living in an urban jungle with little or no greenery around. Even if you would like to plant something, your builder has not provisioned the space to do the same. This is precisely why, we at JRD Realtorss, have gone the extra mile to ensure that Lush Villas truly remains lush for you. Now you can finally fulfill your long-cherished dream of having that kitchen garden right within the confines of your home. Rich in red soil, the garden is sure to reap you the bounty blessed by Nature...

Community Living

Birds of a feather flock together!

A rookery is a communal nesting ground for flocks of birds. This may comprise just a few nests to hundreds of nesting pairs, often found in a relatively small area.

Man is a social animal and no matter our differences, we tend to thrive in communities. The need to socialize, to communicate and connect with each other is inherent to us. We like our privacy, yet want to reach out and be there for anyone who is in need. Such is human nature. JRD Lush Villas - a gated community of individual villas caters exactly to this criterion – personal, yet connected. It allows you to be as private as you want to be, or just as social;the choice is completely yours.


Even birds do not build the same type of nests. Then why should you?

Look closely and you will find that no two nests are alike. Birds bring their ingenuity in creating distinctly different nests. It just goes to show how important it is to have a touch of individuality in whatever we do. It is what makes us unique and stand out from the crowd.

At JRD Realtorss, we understand that your home is an extension of your own self. Like with everything else in your life, you deserve a home that defines you. Your home is not just an investment, it is your identity and you have every right to have it constructed to your taste. Be it the colour of the paint or the texture of the tile, the type of electrical fittings or the variety of bathroom fixtures, YOU decide and design your dream home. Which is why, JRD Lush Villas are not built; they are custom-built.

Fully-Furnished Villas

  •   RO in Kitchen
  •   Water Softener
  •   Power Back-up
  •   Solar Water Heater
  •   Video Door Phone & CCTV
  •   Modular Kitchen
  •   Yale Digital Door Lock
  •   Designer Lights
  •   Wardrobes & Wooden Flooring
  •   Air-Conditioner in Bedrooms
  •   Private Landscaping
  •   50” LED TV (Sony / Samsung)
  •   Modern 6-Seater Glass Dining Table
  •   Cots with Mattress in Bedrooms
  •   Modern Teapoy

Semi-Furnished Villas

  •   RO in Kitchen
  •   Water Softener
  •   Power Back-up
  •   Solar Water Heater
  •   Yale Digital Door Lock
  •   Modular Kitchen
  •   Designer Lights
  •   Wardrobes
  •   Air-Conditioner in Bedrooms

The facilities from semi-furnished and fully-furnished can be handpicked by clients to be implemented in their villa, or they can be chosen as packages, so that pricing will vary accordingly.

What makes a JRD property the distinctly different space that it is? What lends it the signature 'one-of-its-kind' tag? What defines a project that lets you know instantly that it is JRD by nature?

  •   24-Hour Security
  •   Waste Disposal
  •   Children's Park
  •   Walking Track
  •   Kitchen Garden
  •   Solar Powered Villas
  •   Rain Water Filtration
  •   Landscaped roads with avenue trees
  •   Borewell water facility
  •   Athikadavu water supply
  •   Modular Kitchen in High-Grade Aluminium
  •   Chimney hob with accessories
Community Safety

Personal Safety

Automatic Toll gate systems provide the residents inside the community a very safe living.

Personal Safety

Automatic Toll gate systems provide the residents inside the community a very safe living. RFID based stickers will be provided on residents' cars and bikes in which the Toll gate systems automatically opens when the residents' vehicle comes near the gate. This concept makes sure that no third person can enter or exit the community without permission. In case there are guests or visitors of the residents who wish to enter the community, the security personnel can open the gate with his RFID ID card after collecting the purpose of the visit along with the name and address in the visitor's entry note.

Lighting Safety

The Solar Lighting inside the community ensures the safety of the residents.

Lighting Safety

The Solar Lighting inside the community ensures the safety of the residents. All the solar lights are embedded with photovoltaic panels with customised Lithium ion batteries inside. Lithium Ion batteries have the longest running time which assists us to provide 5 year warranty with no maintenance required. All the solar lights are attached to a timer where the lights inside the community switch on and off by themselves, based on the adjustable timer setting. So residents no longer need to pay the electricity bill for street lights or maintain the batteries of solar lights as was the practice in the past.

Home Safety

Since all our villas are tailor-made villas, residents can add CCTVs or Video Door Burglary Systems.

Home Safety

Since all our villas are tailor-made villas, residents can add CCTVs or Video Door Burglary Systems as per their convenience . The home can also be completely automated to their choice. The switches layout andelectrical layout will be left completely to their preference. This is more user-friendly and they can switch on all the lights around the house in one click as the necessary two-way switches and main switches are also provided.


We have made sure that landscaping inside the community is the best part and it has to be easily done.


We have made sure that landscaping inside the community is the best part and it has to be easily done. The landscaping will be done with fully grown avenue tress in all the required places near the roads, which mandate very less water. We have also ensured that each and every villa inside the community gets atleast a hundred square foot garden on minimum basis.

Construction Highlights


Steel: JSW or Vizag or Equivalent Brand
We are perhaps the first builders in South India who have committed to use only branded material in our construction, right from the very beginning. We have promised to use only the above-mentioned brands of steel for villas inside the community. These brands are known to have better strength and resistance in comparison to the other local brands.


Cement: Coromandel or Chettinad or Equivalent Brand
A home is only as strong as its foundation. Therefore, our focus remains on using only the best-inclass material so you can rest assured that the construction of your home is in safe hands. We use only branded cement (Coromandel / Ramco / Chettinad) so each home is laid with the strongest base and continues to remain strong for generations to come.


Bricks: Wire Cut Red soil Chamber bricks
A traditional way of construction that has been prevalent right through the ages includes making bricks from clean red soil and heating for strength with wire cut mesh for smoother plastering finish. We strongly believe that, by far, this is the strongest way to construct a villa or house.

Switches & Wires

Switches & Wires
We have personally used the Havells' brand in our Chairman's home and we believe it is a product worthy of use in every villa built by us. The MCB switches and wires are the best in grade. The earthing work is done in each and every villa to avoid short circuits and earthing issues, especially during rains or in the event of an electric leakage.

Doors & Windows

Doors & Windows
Say goodbye to Flush doors or Ready Made doors forever. All our doors and frames are made from Teak wood. They are customized from the nearest timber mill and seasoned to perfection to avoid cracks or damages in future.


Painting in Nippon Matex Gold
Tractor Emulsion Paints are a thing of the past. Bring colour to your home with Nippon Matex Gold, Paints that are stain-free and odorless and come with 3 years Warranty.

Sanitary ware

Sanitary ware
Experience the exclusive Italian collection from the house of QUEO (OR) Equivalent Brand with complete Chrome finish, Wall Hung Closets and Counter top Luxury Basins.


Completely vitrified Tiling Double Charged can be customized for each and every room based on client's choice. The first floor comes in Maple Wooden flooring.
Master Plan

S.NoTotal AreaCentSq.Ft
S.NoTotal AreaCentSq.Ft
S.NoTotal AreaCentSq.Ft

JRD Lush Villas is located at Kovaipudur, amidst the scenic backdrop of the verdant Western Ghats, so you can nestle in Nature's own lap. The area is among the few such places that have been able to strike the right balance between making lifestyle conveniences accessible without compromising on the real quality of life. This means, your abode is almost like an undistracted weekend getaway even while you find every need fulfilled in close proximity.


  •   30 mins drive to Kovai Medical Center and Hospital
  •   30 mins drive to Lotus Eye Hospital
  •   20 mins drive to Government Hospital


  •   5 mins drive to Vedanta Academy (CBSE School)
  •   15 mins drive to Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
  •   25 mins drive to CS Academy


  •   35 mins drive to Airport
  •   30 mins drive to Railway Station
  •   35 mins drive to Central Bus Terminus


  •   10 mins drive to Nehru Institute of Technology
  •   5 mins drive to Kalaivani College of Technology


  •   10 mins drive to Nehru Institute of Technology
  •   5 mins drive to Kalaivani College of Technology


  •   30 mins drive to Brookfields
  •   35 mins drive to Fun Republic
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