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“At JRD Realtorss, we recognize that our customers are not only investing in our properties, but are also investing their trust in us. It is this trust that is at the heart of all that we do, inspiring us to live up to it and deliver more than what customers expect. JRD, as a brand, will constantly endeavour to build customer delight on the foundation of quality construction, transparent operations and timely deliveries.” Our efficient and eervescent team is the cornerstone on which our company is built. We take great pride in our workforce that brings the same energy to all our projects, invoking a sense of trust and level of comfort in our customers as well.

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As a builder, every project is my pet project. Every time when a blueprint is laid, it seems like the first time with same enthusiasm, energy and excitement.I am really glad to announce the project Harmony Villas which has seemingly endless urban features of Diversity, Privacy and Personalization, categories influencing the level of individuality, qualify single-family housing. One of the feature and benefits of the location is that the set is attached to a green, which will take place the implementation of 3 children's park. The uniqueness of the initiative designed to provide subsidized housing based on an attitude that is contemporary and sensitive to current social trends, acomprehensive strategy has been adapted based on an interpretation of the place and typologicalre search based on improving living conditions and processes in order to give rise to quality housing that is sustainable and adapted to the various consideration that influence the construction of the architectural concepts. Harmony villas is a project to make your dream house to be made and occupy. Customize your space for freedom needed by the individual human spirit to flourish. We develop your ideas to incorporate with integration with nature.

Small steps can make a big dierence; take yours now. Welcome to JRD Harmony Villas Your blueprint to go green

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Dr. J. Rajendran, Ph.D.,
Chairman - JRD Realtorss



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JRD Harmony Villas is a community of 30 plush villas, thoughtfully designed to blend luxury into living spaces, without being a burden on the environment. It lets you aspire to migrate towards a way of life that is more in connect with Nature. With op it allows you the ambience you desire, and the comfort you cherish. Harmony Villas seeks to stay true to its nature – lush, green and ecofriendly. It hopes to transform your lifestyle and living spaces so that the larger living space – our Earth –is preserved and protected for posterity.



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  • Solar street lights
  • 24 hours security
  • Tar topped roads
  • Athikadavu water
  • 100% vaastu
  • Private compound wall
  • Completely custom made
  • Landscaped garden
  • Secure gated community
  • Smart home option



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  • RO in Kitchen
  • Water Softener
  • Power Back-up
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Video Door Phone & CCTV
  • Modular Kitchen
  • Yale Digital Door Lock
  • Designer Lights
  • Wardrobes
  • Wooden Flooring
  • Air-Conditioner in Bedrooms
  • Private Landscaping
  • 50” LED TV (Sony / Samsung)
  • Modern 6-Seater Glass Dining Table
  • Cots with Mattress in Bedrooms
  • Modern Teapoy


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  • RO in Kitchen
  • Water Softener
  • Power Back-up
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Yale Digital Door Lock
  • Modular Kitchen
  • Designer Lights
  • Wardrobes
  • Air-Conditioner in Bedrooms

The facilities from semi-furnished and fully-furnished can be handpicked by clients to be implemented in their villa, or they can be chosen as packages, so that pricing will vary accordingly



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  • Quality of construction cannot be assessed earlier
  • Documentation cost is typically higher
  • Electrical and plumbing fittings are already fixed
  • Standard paints and layout of rooms
  • Dimension of the rooms cannot be modified
  • Quality of construction can be pre-verified
  • Documentation cost is nearly 70%-80% lesser than ready-to-occupy villas
  • Electrical and plumbing fittings can be fixed as per choice
  • Paint shades and tiles can be chosen
  • Room size can be pre-planned
  • Private borewell and compound wall will be provided




Modern Villa
  1. PARKING - 12’3” x 16’0”
  2. SIT OUT - 6’0” x 5’0”
  3. FOYER - 5’6” x 5’0”
  4. LIVING ROOM - 19’6” x 11’0”
  5. BALCONY - 10’6” x 4’0”
  6. POOJA ROOM - 8’3” x 5’0”
  7. KITCHEN - 11’6” x 11’6”
  8. UTILITY ROOM - 7’0” x 7’1.5”
  9. STORE ROOM - 4’1.5” x 7’9”
  10. BEDROOM 01 - 11’6” x 11’6”
  11. WALK IN WARDROBE - 4’9” x 4’0”
  12. RESTROOM 01 - 6’1.5” x 7’1.5”


  1. BEDROOM 02 - 11’6” X 16’0”
  2. RESTROOM 02 - 11’6” X 4’0”
  3. WALK IN WARDROBE - 4’9” X 4’0”
  4. BALCONY - 6’10.5” X 4’9”
  5. BEDROOM 03 - 11’6” X 11’6”
  6. WALK IN WARDROBE - 4’1.5” X 7’1.5”
  7. RESTROOM 03 - 7’0” X 7’1.5”
Modern Villa
Modern Villa


  1. PARKING - 10’6” x 15’6”
  2. PORTICO - 7’9” x 10’0”
  3. LIVING ROOM - 16’0” x 15’6”
  4. KITCHEN - 10’0” x 11’6”
  5. DINING - 11’4.5” x 11’6”
  6. POOJA ROOM - 4’0” x 11’6”
  7. BEDROOM - 10’0” x 15’6”
  8. WALK IN WARDROBE - 4’9” x 5’1.5”
  9. RESTROOM - 4’9” x 10’0”
Traditional Villa


Traditional Villa
  1. PASSAGE - 16’0” X 15’6”
  2. BEDROOM 02 - 10’0” X 15’6”
  3. WALK IN WARDROBE - 4’9” X 5’1.5”
  4. RESTROOM 03 - 4’9” X 10’0”
  5. BEDROOM 03 - 15’9” X 11’5”
  6. RESTROOM 03 - 10’0” X 4’9”
Traditional Villa


  • Building approval will be obtained from the Coimbatore Corporation.
  • Pest control and anti-termite treatment for the basement with proper certification for the same will be provided.
  • Three phase EB Connection deposit will be provided.
  • Excavation for footing will be done up to a maximum of 4'0" depth or until hard strata is achieved; whichever is most favourable as per site condition.
  • Footing for columns of depth 6’0” inclusive of sand bed, and PCC. Footing will be built using M20 grade Reinforced Cement Concrete (@ 1:1.5:3).
  • Footing mat will be fabricated using 10mm steel rods on both sides.
  • Single storey building: Column height from basement to ground floor roof will be approximately 10'0" and an extension of 2'0" above the roof slab will be provided to allow for future expansion.
  • Double storey building: Column height from basement to first floor roof will be approximately 20'0" and an extension of 2'0" above the roof slab will be provided to allow for future expansion.
  • Column sizes: Standard column sizes of 1'0" x 9", and 9"x9" will be constructed using 16/12/10 mm steel rods. (Column sizes deviating from the standard sizes is subject to layout planning – however the same sizes of steel rods are applicable as long as the structure remains under 6 storeys high)
  • Column ties: Ties in column will be done using 8mm steel rods.
  • Basement height will be provided to a maximum height of 4’0” and steps for the same with railings on request will be provided.
  • Backfilling post foundation work will be done with consolidated and compacted gravel.
  • The basement height will be maintained at 4'0" from site level.
  • Standard plinth beam size – 1'6" x 9" will be done using 10, 8 mm steel rods.
  • Brickwork for the basement will be done using table moulded wire cut bricks and consolidated using cement mortar in the ratio 1:5.
  • Brickwork for exterior walls (9” walls) will be built with table moulded wire cut bricks and will be consolidated using cement mortar in the ratio 1:6.
  • Brickwork for 4.5” partition walls will be built with table moulded wire cut bricks and consolidated using cement mortar in the ratio 1:5.
  • Internal staircase slab will be done with Reinforced Cement concrete of M20 grade (1:1.5:3) with the use of 10, 12mm steel rods.
  • Hand rails will be fabricated using stainless steel of grade 304.
  • Black granite will be used for the riser, tread and nosing of the stairs.
  • Lintels will be provided based on the window positions as per the finalized floor plans.
  • The lintels will be built using Reinforced Cement Concrete of M20 grade (1:1.5:3).
  • Standard lintel cross section of size 9"x6" or 9"x4" will be provided.
  • The lintels will be extended to approximately 1'6" from the exterior wall to function as sunshades as per the finalized drawings.
  • Standard roof beam sizes – 1’6” x 9” and 1’0” x 9” will be constructed using 16, 12, 10 mm rods. The depth of the beam is subject to change with respect to the span as per the finalized drawings.
  • Stirrups in the beams will be done with 8mm steel rods.
  • Concealed beams (of depth equal to slab thickness) will be built with 12,16 mm steel rods.
  • All beams will be cast using Reinforced Cement Concrete of M20 grade(1:1.5:3).
  • Standard roof slab of 5" thickness will be structured with 8, 10, 12 mm rods.
  • The roof slab will be cast using Reinforced Cement Concrete of M20 grade (1:1.5:3).
  • Concealed electrical conduits will be laid during the casting of the roof slab as per the finalized electrical drawing.
  • Plastering for exterior walls will be done using Cement Mortar in the ratio 1:6.
  • Plastering for interior walls will be done using Cement Mortar in the ratio 1:5.
  • Plastering for ceilings will be done using Cement Mortar in the ratio 1:4.
  • Plastering will be done for all the walls surrounding the house and parapet walls.
  • Interior flooring will be done using vitrified tiles of size 800 x 800 at the rate of Rs. 80 per square foot with spacers.
  • Skirting of 6" will be done with black granite.
  • Kitchen wall tiles will be laid up to a height of 2'0" above the granite counter top. The tiles used will be at a maximum rate of Rs. 45 per square foot.
  • Toilet wall tiles will be laid up to a height of 10' from the average finished floor level. The tiles used will be at a maximum rate of Rs. 45 per square foot.
  • Portico/Car parking tiles will be laid all around the building for a width of 3'0".
  • Portico/ Car parking tiles of a maximum rate of Rs. 45 per square foot will be used.
  • Weather proof, anti-skid tiles at the rate of Rs. 30 per square foot will be laid in all open terrace areas.
  • Black granite strip will be provided on all window sills.
  • All out door tap areas will be provided with 2'0" high tiling on the wall to contain the splashing of water.
  • Putty work will be done using 3 coats of Birla putty or Uro plast putty or equivalent.
  • Exterior painting will be done with ASIAN APEX ULTIMA (or) DULEX WEATHERCOAT.
  • Tile cladding and texture finishes will be provided as per the finalised elevation render and drawings.
  • Putty work for interior walls will be done using 3 coats of URO PLAST wall putty or equivalent
  • Painting for interior walls will be done using 2 coats of ASIAN PREMIUM EMULSION PAINT.
  • Mild Steel (MS) grills, painted either black or white, will be provided for all windows.
  • All windows will be UPVC fabricated windows, fixed using ELLG and customized with either plain glass, tinted glass or frosted glass based on request.
  • All UPVC windows will be fitted with a mosquito mesh (Netlon/Gadli/Amd profile or equivalent).
  • Toilet ventilator frame will be UPVC fabricated with an exhaust fan provision.
  • MAIN DOOR FRAME – complete teak wood frame of 5’0” x7’0” size will be provided.
  • Complete teak wood carved main door with brass finished locks and antique tower bolts will be provided
  • All door frames will be done with teak wood of 3’0” x 7’0” size.
  • Bedroom doors will be done with teak wood.
  • Tower bolts and locks will be brass finished on all room doors.
  • Bathroom doors will be done with water proof plywood and mica with glass of 2’9” x 7’0” size.
  • Three phase EB connection will be provided.
  • Electrical connections will be done using FINOLEX/HAVELLS cables or equivalent.
  • All switches provided, will be GM/LEGRAND/HAVELLS or equivalent modular switches with MS boxes.
  • Provisions for air conditioners, spotlights, and CCTV cameras along with other basic points such as, telephone points, cable TV points, 5A and 15A plugs will be given
  • Extra electrical provisions for RO water softener, CCTV and video door phone will be given as per the finalized electrical drawing.
  • Power back up/UPS socket provisions will be given under the staircase or any other suitable area as per the finalized electrical drawing.
  • Complete building earthing will be done.
  • All plumbing on site will be done using CPVC pipes for hot water pipes and UPVC pipes for cold water
  • Extra plumbing line for RO water softener will be provided.
  • Water proofing for all bathrooms using Dr FXIT or equivalent will be done.
  • Wash basins, closets, taps, mixers and showers will be provided at the coast of Rs. 30,000 per bathroom.
  • All fixtures of ISI GRADE Hindware Italian collection or equivalent will be provided.
  • Counter top wash basins with hot and cold water provisions will be given in all bathrooms.
  • Glass partition (plain or frosted – as per request) will be provided in the master bathroom.
  • Hollow shelves lined with granite will be provided in all bathroomson request.
  • Rain water collection pipes from the terrace will be drawn till the ground floor.
  • Rain water harvesting pits filled with filtration gravel and sand will be provided as per request (in position).
  • Standard septic tank of 6500 litres – 7000 litres capacity will be provided.
  • Soak pits will be provided as per the size of the overall building within the compound wall.
  • A sump (underground water storage) of a total of 8000 litres capacity, divided into two units of 4000 litres each will be provided.
  • Water proofing for the sump will be done using Dr. FIXIT or equivalent.
  • 2 over head tanks of 1000 litres capacity each will be provided. The tanks will be fabricated triple layer white polyethylene fibres.
  • Steel Used – JSW/AGNI/INDUS STEELS or equivalent.
  • Cement Used – Coromandel/Zuari/Ramco or equivalent.
  • Reinforced Cement Concrete compound walls built using 8/6 mm steel reinforcements and M20 grade concrete (1:1.5:3) to a height of 5'0" will be provided surrounding the building on all sides.
  • Gate – 10' Car Gate AND 3'0" Wicket Gate using Mild Steel (MS) will be provided as per finally approved design.
  • Clothes line provision and washing stone provision will be given on request.


S.NoTotal AreaCentSq.Ft


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JRD Harmony villas is located at Kondaiyapalayam, amidst the scenic backdrop of the verdant Western Ghats, so you can nestle in Nature's own lap. The area is among the few such places that have been able to strike the right balance between making lifestyle conveniences accessible without compromising on the real quality of life. This means, your abode is almost like an undistracted weekend getaway even while you find every need fulfilled in close proximity

  • 25 mins drive to Kovai Medical Center and Hospital
  • 10 mins drive to Sankara Eye Hospital
  • 20 mins drive to Ganga Hospital
  • 25 mins drive to Airport
  • 35 mins drive to Railway Station
  • 20 mins drive to Central Bus Terminus
  • 15 mins drive to Indian Public Schoo
  • 15 mins drive to Suguna International School
  • 20 mins drive to Lisieux Public School
  • 10 mins drive to Prozone Mall
  • 35 mins drive to Fun Republic
  • 5 mins drive to Sri Ranganathar Institute of Polytechnic
  • 15 mins drive to Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College
  • 15 mins drive to SNS College of Engineering
  • 15 mins drive to Dr. SNS Rajalakshmi College of Arts & Science
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